Tulsa Public Schools Partners With Tulsa Youth Rowing Association To Apply For ErgEd Grant

ErgEd Tulsa

Tulsa, OK – March 26. 2019

This week Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Youth Rowing Association announced a partnership to apply for an ErgEd grant for the 2019-2020 school year. ErgEd is a program run by the George Pocock Rowing Foundation. Cities that are successful grant recipients will receive twenty Concept2 rowing machines, a full physical education curriculum for use with the equipment and training for TPS physical educators – an investment worth approximately $50,000 over five years.

If the grant application is successful, the program will provide access to the sport of rowing in physical education classes in many different schools. These schools are located in areas of high poverty and/or in areas that are geographically close to the currently under construction Tulsa Rowing Club boathouse. This represents approximately 3700 students who could potentially have access to this program.  

“This grant is a great opportunity for our students to learn about and participate in rowing events. We also believe this grant offers an excellent opportunity for the rowing community to mentor and build positive relationships with our students,” said Jennifer Sanders Assistant Athletic Director for Tulsa Public Schools.

A video from the Seattle Public Schools demonstrating what the ErgEd program can do for our youth.

“We think that the job of a rowing club is to serve, empower and add value to those in the community. Rowing is not a sport that has traditionally been that accessible to our youth. We see this program as an opportunity for Tulsa youth who would not normally have the chance to row. This potential grant would be a game changer and help many students discover a new passion that can help improve their health, wellness and future opportunities,” said Tulsa Youth Rowing Outreach Coordinator Neil Bergenroth.

The grant requires an initial $5000 investment, for which TYRA is currently seeking donations.

Parties that are interested in financially supporting this effort should contact TYRA’s Director of Advancement and Outreach Neil Bergenroth at neil@okrowing.org.