Tulsa Youth Rowing Association is open to all athletes ages 13-18. We have a 7th and 8th grade program in addition to a competitive 8th through 12 grade program. The program aims to teach young rowers the fundamentals of the sport of rowing. The team trains from August to June competing in regattas locally, regionally, nationally and occasionally on the international level.

Tulsa Youth Rowing Competitive Team at Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, TN - November 2021


What our athletes say

“Tulsa Youth Rowing Association has given me a lot more than something to just fill my sports requirement. It’s given me a family, and honestly going to rowing is the best part of my day. I row with the greatest people on earth and we all bond and become that family. On top of that, it’s taught me discipline, perseverance, and a constant drive to do better. Now I can’t imagine life without rowing.”

“Rowing changed my life. It’s a challenging sport, but the benefits are undeniably worth every minute. I learned true mental and physically determination, how to be a healthier person overall, and most importantly how to work with others to achieve something great. The coaching staff and athlete environment are great and I never felt unchallenged. There is always room for improvement, which makes this sport absolutely thrilling.”

What our parents say

“Since he has been a part of Tulsa Youth Rowing Association, my son has greater self confidence, improved self-discipline and a real sense of unity with his teammates. The coaches are outstanding mentors and leaders to the athletes. The athletes are coached not only in rowing, but also in making good life decisions and maintaining good health and well-being. It’s a fantastic and very well run organization!”

“Tulsa Youth Rowing Association is headed up by a positive and inspirational team of coaches. Watching this group of Novice boys and girls meld into a team has been truly a pleasure. Under Coach Bergenroth’s leadership, our youth have been molded into fine young people with sportsmanship and character. It has been a wonderful experience.”

“Within a few months of joining the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association’s team it was easy to see that this sport had quickly become my son’s passion. He looks forward to every practice, every regatta, and has learned the true meaning of teamwork by setting team goals, individual goals and witnessing the results.. The entire program has transformed my son’s physique, self-image, attitude and has helped him change the way he thinks about nutrition in the food he consumes to fuel his body. We have great admiration and respect for all the coaches helping our son achieve these goals. The results have been amazing. Thank you.”


Each May, at the end of the Spring season, the team competes in the Central District Regional Championship in Oklahoma City. Juniors rowing is governed by the national organization USRowing and each section of the country has its own regional championship. Crews competing at the varsity level try to gain bids to the national championship regatta by placing in the top two crews.

Regional Championship Regatta

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2015   Girls Under 17 1x Boys Lightweight Four
2014 Boys Novice 4+
Boys Varsity 1x
  Girls Lightweight Four
2013     Boys Lightweight Four
Boys Lightweight Eight
2012   Girls Varsity Four Boys Varsity Pair
2010   Girls Varsity Eight
Girls Varsity Four
2009 Girls Varsity Eight
Girls Novice Four
Boys Varsity Eight
Girls Novice Eight
Girls Varsity Four
Boys Novice Four
2008 Girls Novice Four Girls Varsity Eight
Girls Novice Eight
Boys Varsity Eight
2007 Boys Varsity Eight
Girls Novice Four
Girls Varsity Eight Girls Novice Quad
2006 Boys Varsity 1x
Girls Novice 4+
Boys Varsity 8+
Girls Novice 8+
Boys Youth 16 1x
Girls Novice 4+
Boys Varsity 4x

“Golden Coxswain” Award

Awarded to the coxswain, who has demonstrated leadership, organization and commitment to the program. Awarded by coaching staff.

2016-2017: Jordan Bollinger
2015-2016: Lydia Bollinger, Jack Sadler
2014-2015: Hannah Johannsson, Jack Sadler
2013-2014: Katie Grantham, Christopher Ferrari
2012-2013: Katie Grantham, Christopher Ferrari
2011-2012: Katie Grantham, Garrett Allen
2010-2011: Destany Cushman
2009-2010: Andrew Smith
2008-2009: Tamara Clayton
2007-2008: Chris Light
2006-2007: Chris Light
2005-2006: Chris Light
2004-2005: Jordan Haggard
2003-2004: Jordan Haggard

Most Improved Female Rower

Awarded to the female athlete, who by her contribution, commitment and performance has improved her rowing over the course of the season. Awarded by coaching staff.

2016-2017: Anikah Rahman (Novice), Maya Bulmer (Varsity)
2015-2016: Callan McFadden (Novice), Lydia Bollinger (Varsity)
2014-2015: Sydney McMahan (Novice), Erin Arthur (Varsity)
2013-2014: Rose Stewart-Maddox (Novice), Megan Nichols (Varsity)
2012-2013: Megan Nichols (Novice), Christine Atik (Varsity)
2011-2012: Nicole Baumann (Novice), Emily Hyde (Varsity)
2010-2011: Bailey Robison (Novice), Victoria Richter (Varsity)
2009-2010: Anne Philpot (Novice), Caden Broussard (Varsity)
2008-2009: Emma Carter (Novice), Molly Schale (Varsity)
2007-2008: Sylvie Flint, Abby Jones
2006-2007: Kelsey Kline
2005-2006: Catharine Brierre
2004-2005: Kat Knight
2003-2004: Janet Stearns

Most Improved Male Rower

Awarded to the male athlete, who by his contribution, commitment and performance has improved his rowing over the course of the season. Awarded by coaching staff.

2016-2017: Dakota Doctor (Novice), Ransome Freeman (Varsity)
2015-2016: Ransome Freeman (Novice), Chris Ferrari (Varsity)
2014-2015: Bryan Cooper (Novice), Garrett Allan (Varsity)
2013-2014: Iain Kazmierczak (Novice), Chase Antonacci (Varsity)
2012-2013: Josiah Grzywacz (Novice), Dalton Hammond (Varsity)
2011-2012: Alex Workman (Novice), Ronnie Baker (Varsity)
2010-2011: Antony Vitali (Novice), George Rabe/Warren White (Varsity)
2009-2010: John Carstens (Novice), Ryan Carroll (Varsity)
2008-2009: Hayden Mears (Novice), Jeffrey Moseley (Varsity)
2007-2008: Riley Behm
2006-2007: Aaron Charirier
2005-2006: Sam Berntson
2004-2005: Hunter Wagner
2003-2004: Connor Bull

Most Hardworking Award

Awarded to the athlete either male or female who has proved in the estimation of the coaching staff to has sustained a high degree of work ethic both on and off the water. Awarded by coaching staff.

2016-2017: Sydney McMahan (Varsity), Brian Cooper (Varsity)
2015-2016: Madi Bickle (Novice), Sydney McMahon (Varsity), Jackson Linson (Novice), Brian Cooper (Varsity)
2014-2015: Adeline Woodard (Novice), Rose Stewart-Maddox (Varsity), Richard Hasegawa (Novice), Aaron Pohl (Varsity)
2013-2014: Madison Moon, Ashlyn Johnson, Aaron Pohl, Silas Smith, Andrew Kolb
2012-2013: Cody Shafer, Emily Hyde
2011-2012: Logan Gilstrap
2010-2011: Anne Philpot, Mason Fuller
2009-2010: Logan Gilstrap
2008-2009: Logan Gilstrap
2007-2008: Anna Royce
2006-2007: Gentry Klawitter
2005-2006: Logan Mercer
2004-2005: Catharine Beddoe
2003-2004: Laura Beattie

“U-Boat Commander” Award

Awarded to the athlete who flips the most during the course of the season. Athletes may only win this award if they capsize unintentionally during the course of practice. Awarded by coaching staff.

2021-2022: Emory Oakes & Teagan Castleberry
2016-2017: Emerson Turner
2015-2016: Somerlyn Talladivedula, Bryan Timmons
2014-2015: Luke Schula, Grant Buchman
2013-2014: Boys Novice 8+
2012-2013: Victoria & Megan Nichols, Michael Rose
2011-2012: Evan Sack, John Seely
2010-2011: Ronnie Baker
2009-2010: Thomas Adams, Warren Wright, John Carstens, Baruch Price, George Rabe
2008-2009: Emily Carstens
2007-2008: Sam Bernston, Riley Behm
2006-2007: Aaron Charrier, Elliot Price
2005-2006: Katy Swartz, Anne Campbell, Taylor Jones
2004-2005: Lauren Dautenhahn
2003-2004: Shaun Black

“Tuff as Nails” Award

Awarded to the athlete who has proved themselves to be mentally tough and resilient above all else. Awarded by coaching staff.

2016-2017: Victoria William (Novice), Hunter Thornton (Varsity)
2015-2016: Maya Bulmer (Novice) Gracie Poole (Varsity), Hunter Thornton (Novice), Tino Valentino (Varsity)
2014-2015: Hannah Hammond (Novice) Micah Gibbons (Varsity) , Connor Hallock (Novice), Iain Kazmierczak (Varsity)
2013-2014: Micah Gibbons, Jake Gile
2012-2013: Madison Moon, Ronnie Baker
2011-2012: Madison Davidson, Ronnie Baker
2010-2011: Nathan Klammmer
2009-2010: Brock Turner
2008-2009: Brock Turner
2007-2008: Eric Klammer
2006-2007: Bronwyn Tawney
2005-2006: Reece Hoover
2004-2005: Jessica Utley
2003-2004: Jayson Williamson

Queen Oar Award

Awarded to the female rower or coxswain who has demonstrated her commitment and leadership over the course of the season and therefore has contributed to the success of the program. Athletes must have competed in both fall and spring seasons to be eligible for this award at the end of the year. Voted and awarded by athletes.

2016-2017: Sydney McMahan
2015-2016: Megan Nichols
2014-2015: Carolyn Hughes
2013-2014: Nicole Baumann
2012-2013: Emily Hyde
2011-2012: Anne Philpot
2010-2011: Molly Schale
2009-2010: Courtaney Miller, Lauren Griffith
2008-2009: Tamara Clayton
2007-2008: Elena Fisher
2006-2007: Taylor Jones
2005-2006: Paige Fedon
2004-2005: Sydney McNulty
2003-2004: Maya Wei-Haas

King Oar Award

Awarded to the male rower or coxswain who has demonstrated his commitment and leadership over the course of the season and therefore has contributed to the success of the program. Athletes must have competed in both fall and spring seasons to be eligible for this award at the end of the year. Voted and awarded by athletes.

2016-2017: Sterling Shine
2015-2016: Garrett Allan
2014-2015: Chase Antonacci, John Seely
2013-2014: Cody Shafer, Evan Sack
2012-2013: Baruch Price
2011-2012: Nathan Klammer
2010-2011: Logan Gilstrap
2009-2010: Eric Klammer, Brock Turner
2008-2009: Sam Berntson
2007-2008: Andrew Pate
2006-2007: Hunter Wagner
2005-2006: Shaun Black
2004-2005: Shaun Black
2003-2004: Travis Brown

TYRA Culture Award

The team culture award is given to the athletes that demonstrate and embody the values of the team culture on a daily basis.

2021-2022: Emory Oakes
2016-2017: Anikah Rahman, Jackson Linson
2015-2016: Ashlyn Johnson, Jackson Linson
2014-2015: Madison Moon, Dalton Hammond