Wichita Frostbite – Full Results and Videos of Some Crews


Please find full results and video of some crews below. The club had a great day at the Frostbite, please send corrections to lineups to coachb@tulsarowing.org.

To view our official team photographs courtesy of our team photographer Eric Sack, please visit the following link:


Event 2: Mixed Jr 2x

Entry A: Anne Philpot, Nathan Klammer – (1st place)

Entry B: Evan Sack, Madison Davidson – (2nd place)


Event 3: Mens Open Novice 4+

Entry A: Kelley Flint, David Maxwell, Max Duenner, Michael Rose, John Lohrey  (6th)

Entry B: Garrett Allan, Ethan Gonders, Connor McLellen, Aaron Pohl, Reed Price (14th)

Entry C: Katherine Grantham, Christopher Foley, Mike Shrier, Dalton Hammond, Andres Gomez (12th)


Event 11: Mens Jr 4x

Entry A: John Carstens, Mason Fuller, Nathan Klammer, Alex Mears (2nd)

Entry B: Logan Gilstrap, Riley Price, John Antony Vitali, Warren White  (1st)

Entry C: Ethan Gonders, Michael Rose, David Maxwell, John Lohrey (4th)

Entry D: Aaron Pohl, Christopher Foley, Andres Gomez, Dalton Hammond (8th)

Entry E: John Seely, Ronnie Baker, Grayson Landers, Karl Fetsch (5th)


Event 16: Mens Jr 2x

Entry A: Logan Gilstrap, Chris Atik (Tanker Tug) – 1st place


Event 20: Womens Second Open Novice 8+ (plus Jrs)

Entry A: Megan Hegenbart, Juliana Baluh, Bailey Robison, Olivia Terry, Aleks Stogsdill, Madison Davidson, OxziAna Herbert, Anne Philpot, Victoria Richter stroke  (2nd place)

Entry B: Katherine Grantham, Ceili Lawrence, Shanice Gray, Jacqui Bernhagen, Grace Doyle, Madeline Lee, Caroline Hughes, Aram Brunner, Emily Hyde (5th place)


Event 21: Mens Second Open Novice 8+ (plus Jrs)

Entry A: Daniel Vinyard, Grayson Landers, Logan Gilstrap, Anthony Vitali, Cody Shafer, Riley Price, Evan Sack, John Carstens, Karl Fetsch (MC Rose) (2nd)

Entry B: Charlie Robson, Ethan Gonders, John Lohrey, Chris Atik, Mikey Shrier, Ronnie Baker, John Seely, Michael Rose, Calib Rice (Boat TBA) (5th)

Entry C: Garrett Allan, Dalton Hammond, Reed Price, Christopher Foley, Connor McLellan, David Maxwell, Andres Gomez, Aaron Pohl, Max Duenner  (9th)


Event 25: Mens Jr 4+

Entry A: Entry A: Daniel Vinyard, Mason Fuller, Warren White, Alex Mears, Nathan Klammer  – (1st place)

Entry B: Charlie Robson, John Seely, Evan Sack, Ronnie Baker, Karl Fetsch – (2nd place)


Event 30: Mixed Jr 4x

Entry A: Bailey Robison, Anthony Vitali, Grayson Landers, Olivia Terry (3rd)

Entry B: Logan Gilstrap, Riley Price, Emily Hyde, Aleks Stogsdill (2nd)


Event 35: Womens Jr 4+

Entry A: Destany Cushman, Madison Davidson, OxziAna Herbert, Anne Philpot, Victoria Richter  -hot seat (1st place)

Entry B: Megan Hegenbart, Olivia Terry, Emily Hyde, Bailey Robison, Aleks Stogsdill  – hot seat (4th place)

Entry C: Katherine Grantham, Juliana Baluh, Madeline Lee, Caroline Hughes, Jacqui Bernhagen – (5th place)


Event 37: Mens Jr 1x

Entry A: John Carstens (Mdwt Raven) (5th place)


Event 40: Womens Jr 4x

Entry A: Grace Doyle, Aram Brunner, Shanice Gray, Ceili Lawrence (Zink) (3rd place)

Event 41: Mixed Open 8+

Entry A: Entry A: Megan Hegenbart, Warren White, Calib Rice, Cody Shafer, Riley Price, Emily Hyde, Bailey Robison, Aleks Stogsdill, Olivia Terry (12th)

Entry B: Garrett Allan, Madison Davidson, OxziAna Herbert, Kelley Flint, Connor McLellan, Michael Rose, Andres Gomez, Anne Philpot, Victoria Richter (16th)

Entry C: Destany Cushman, Jacqui Bernhagen, Madeline Lee, Katherine Grantham, Caroline Hughes, Reed Price, Mikey Shrier, Dalton Hammond, Max Duenner (23rd)