Tulsa Youth Rowing Association Hosts National Learn to Row Day Event

Tulsa Rowing

Looking for an excuse to escape the gym and spend time outdoors? Head to the water! Tulsa Youth Rowing Association is offering an introduction to the sport of rowing. The event will take place at Roger’s Point in Catoosa, OK. The day will start at 8:45am and finish around 12:00pm (see schedule below). Participants will need to sign a 2017 USRowing Waiver (all participants and signed by parent/guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age) and have completed a swim test. (see download links below)

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Download 2017 USRowing Waiver

Download TYRA Swim Test Paperwork

In June, more than 75 rowing clubs around the country will open their doors to the public and offer an introduction to the sport of rowing. Learn to Row Day events are not only an ideal opportunity for someone who’s curious about the sport to give it a try, the day is a chance to build friendships and social networks.

Getting in shape, trying something new, enjoying the outdoors or meeting new people in the community – whatever the reason, learning about the sport of rowing can be an unforgettable experience and have potential to be a lifelong endeavor. For more information, visit www.okrowing.org or contact Coach Tamara Clayton at coacht@okrowing.org.

“Learn to Row Day is a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand what rowing is all about. It’s a great low-impact sport for people of all ages, and all abilities, from those learning for the first time, to highly skilled rowers.” said event organizer and TYRA head coach Tamara Clayton.

Reserve Your Place Online Click Here (limited availability)

Schedule Of Events

8:45am – Check-in

              2017 USRowing Waiver

              Swim Test completed (<18yo)

              Swim Test signed by participant (>18yo)

9:00am – Introductions and Boathouse Tour

9:15am – Technique on the Ergs

9:45am – Boat Handling and Safety

              Examine a rowing shell (8+)

              Learn how to fix your own feet

              Difference between sweeping and sculling

              How to properly maneuver a shell

              Basic rowing terminology

10:00am – Head to the Dock (8+s)

              15min on the Dock: ensuring everyone is in correctly

              Each boat will be equipped with pontoons for stabilization purposes

              Basic Technique out on the water (starting with Pick Drill)

              Progress to rowing by 4s on the square

              They always want to try their hand at feathering. We can progress to that.

              Possibly have a mini timed race against the other shell (if we have enough participants)

11:40am – Return to the Dock

12:00pm – Dismissal