Tulsa Youth Rowing Association Has Successful Outing At St. Denis Head Race In Louisiana

Tulsa Youth Rowing Association

On November 9th, the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association Travelled to Natchitoches, LA (USA) for the St. Denis Head Race. The racecourse was a challenging 4500m on the Cane River Lake. Our crews performed well, bringing home a total of six third-place finishes and a silver medal in the women’s JV Double.

Isley Steger (Broken Arrow) raced three times and medalled in all of her races. She rowed a total of 30km. She placed third in Women’s Junior Double, third in the Women’s Junior 4x, and the 2nd Women’s JV double. Isley was excited about her efforts and said – “My races went well, I had to hot seat twice but, after everything happened I medaled in every race. I went into this race knowing that it will be a very long race and I needed to mentally prepare myself. I knew I could do it physically but the mentally part was where I needed to focus!! After getting a good look at the course at pre row, I was ready! The row up to the start was long and hard. The thought that I was going to race this all the way back was kinda hard to think about. But once we were at the start it was go time. I had to book it down the course because otherwise, I would be late for my other races!! I am very happy with the results of our team!! Go TYRA!!”

Mya Fincher (Edison), said of her 4th place finish in the women’s novice doubles – “Overall rowing has been great for my confidence because I realized that I am the type of person who excels when they have a full schedule. I am looking forward to continuing to improve in rowing.”

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The team now looks to enter winter training in preparation for the spring season. If you are interested in finding out more about the competitive or recreational programs, please contact TYRA Head Coach Tamara Clayton at coacht@okrowing.org.

Full Results

Womens Jr DoubleTegan Brown (12th, Pryor) , Isley Steger (9th, BA)3rd
Women’s Jr Novice 1xRiley Shea (11th, Union)3rd

Obrie Gniech (9th Owasso)4th
Women’s Jr 4xElizabeth McClain (11th, Bishop Kelly), Emma Reynolds (11th, Owasso), Obrie Gneich, Isley Steger3rd

Haleen McMahan (8th Marquette), Tegan Brown, Mya Fincher (8th Edison), Riley Shea4th
Mens Jr Novice 2xLogan Lewellen (9th Jenks) – Composite With Woodlands3rd
Women’s Jr 1xEmma Reynolds3rd
Women’s JV 2xElizabeth McClain, Isley Steger2nd
Women’s Jr Novice 2xTegan Brown, Riley Shea5th

Mya Fincher, Haleen McMahan4th
Mixed Jr 4xObrie Gneich, Emma Reynolds (Composite with Woodlands)3rd
Men’s Jr Novice 1xLogan Lewellen (9th Jenks)9th