2011 Was A Great Year, We are looking forward to a great 2012!

Dear Supporters and Friends of TRC Juniors,

What a fantastic year we have experienced!

This past fall, we raced in OKC, Austin and Wichita and brought back good memories and medals for many of our crews. In fact, our visit to the Wichita Frostbite Regatta was the most success we have ever had at that event!

The juniors team has grown to a program of fifty five high school athletes providing many opportunities for collegiate careers and personal growth for all participants. For example, one our of seniors, Madison Davidson signed to SMU last month. What is also truly remarkable is that the spirit of the club endures despite our inconsistent river conditions.

We started 2011 with the launch of a capital campaign. I am pleased to report that this capital campaign raised money for the purchase of $95,000+ of new top of the line equipment, including:

– 2 new coxed fours
– 2 new quads
– A new launch and motor so that we can continue to provide safe and comprehensive coaching to all athletes.
– New weightlifting equipment
– New rowing ergometers

Many thanks to all of our supporters for helping us make fantastic gains in the standard of our equipment. We’ve been successful in the past and all of this progress bodes well for future success.

At the close of the fall season last month, we announced our intention and planning for a trip to race at several regattas in the United Kingdom next summer. We are in the process of fundraising for this historic undertaking. if you can help or know someone that can, please let us know.

To conclude, it is going to be a great spring and the coaching staff and boosters commitee look forward to a great season.

Great Rowing,

Coach Neil Bergenroth