TYRA Partners With LabXchange To Distribute RowingSTEM Curriculum

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Tulsa Youth Rowing Association is pleased to announce a partnership with LabXchange. The partnership will enable the TYRA RowingSTEM program to a greater level of distribution globally now that it is available on the LabXchange platform.

“This is an exciting development in our efforts to offer a STEM program in the context of rowing. Our activities are aimed at youth looking to advance their science and mathematics competencies using rowing data captured from the Concept2 Rowing Machine,” said TYRA Outreach Coordinator and STEM specialist Neil Bergenroth.

LabXchange is a dynamic and innovative online science education platform launched in January 2020. An initiative of Harvard University’s Vice Provost for Advances in Learning supported by the Amgen Foundation, the platform offers a wide array of free digital content sourced from leading science organizations globally. One of the critical features of LabXchange is the ability for users to remix, adapt, and assign customized learning experiences, making the platform highly flexible and adaptable to individual learning needs.

LabXchange’s content library is not only extensive but also continuously expanding. It includes a variety of world-class learning assets such as videos, interactive simulations, and assessments. This rich collection of resources covers multiple disciplines across the sciences, and select content is available in more than 14 languages, catering to a diverse global audience.

“We’re very excited to be able to add RowingSTEM content to our resource library,” said Chris Burnett, Digital Content Specialist at LabXchange. “The science behind rowing is not something that has previously been available on our platform. Now, educators will be able to offer their students fun and informative ways to explore the subject further,”

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The platform is designed to democratize science education, level the playing field for students worldwide, and promote science literacy for all. Users can personalize their science education experience through virtual experiments, lab equipment simulations, and the ability to create and share learning pathways with others around the globe. This approach not only enhances learning but also encourages collaboration and sharing of knowledge among users.

Accessibility is a core principle of LabXchange. The platform is available from anywhere worldwide, offering diverse content that applies science to real-world issues. This includes a specialized biotechnology learning resource, making it particularly relevant and practical for STEM students and educators.

“We look forward to our relationship with LabXchange and developing our curriculum further with their support,” said Bergenroth.

The RowingSTEM curriculum is available on LabXchange.org at the following link: