Tulsa Youth Rowing – Now Hiring Coaches

Tulsa Youth Rowing Association is seeking coaches for its competitive, recreational, and outreach rowing programs. Currently, the organization has about 20 members (recreational and competitive) but will be expanding during the fall to accommodate an increasing interest in this sport and growth in our outreach programs. These positions require a motivated and organized leader who enjoys working with middle school and high school-age rowers and can motivate and cooperate with rowers and other coaches.

The amount of time required to fulfill the requirements of the position will vary based on position but applicants can expect to coach from two to five days per week if hired to coach the novice team, and at least 5 days per week if hired to work with the varsity team. Applicants seeking to coach the competitive team (novice and/or varsity) should also be prepared to travel with the team on at least three weekends (per school semester) to out-of-town regattas and also attend meetings and various team functions. However, we have various coaching positions (recreational and outreach) so can be flexible in certain contexts.

Start Date:
Fall 2023

Responsibilities include:
– Coaching of middle school and high school athletes from beginners to advanced.
– Supervision and coordination of practices with an emphasis on safety.
– Some equipment maintenance. Knowledge of rigging is a plus, but not required.
– Travel with the team and be available for weekend competitions.
– Work with other coaches to develop the TYRA competitive and outreach rowing programs.
– Recruitment of prospective athletes.
– Management of equipment.
– Management of coaching staff.
– Assist with fundraising events.

There is a salary available for successful applicants. Paycheck commensurate with experience and level of responsibility.

Application information:
Please send all applications/resumes and references (3) for this position to neil@okrowing.org. Applicants must be able to pass a background check through the USRowing preferred system.

Tulsa Youth Rowing Association is committed to providing jobs for all types and sizes, without discrimination based on race/color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or veteran status.