The First gROW Tulsa Student Rows On The Water!

gROW Tulsa RowingSTEM Outreach

Our gROW Tulsa initiative has just finished its first year. We ran a pilot program at Hale Junior High where eighteen student athletes tried the sport for the first time. The program started on October first and was attended by two students Maya and Christina. These students joined others that learn the fundamentals of rowing on the Concept2 rowing machine and also participated in STEM-based rowing activities to help foster learning and development in science and mathematics.

The students involved in the pilot program were offered the opportunity to try rowing on the water this summer. One student, Christina committed to taking part in our summer camps. She found the experience challenging but learned a great deal about what being in the water is all about. She plans to participate in the TYRA recreational Growth program this fall to continue her rowing journey.

Watch the video above to find out more about her experience. The gROW Tulsa initiative is looking to expand to three schools this fall. We will keep you updated on the journey to make rowing more accessible in Tulsa.