Craftsbury Core Strengthening Routine

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I spent one week of last summer involved in the coaching track at Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont.  I thoroughly recommend the experience to any athlete or coach who can spare the time and money. I spent a great deal of time taking notes and riding with the camp coaches in the launch during the week. In addition, I had the time to get in the single and experience all of the technical points that were discussed. Craftsbury is a wonderful experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the sport of rowing.

One of the sessions I attended was focused on core strength development. Craftsbury have a youtube video of the routine that comes in two parts. Use the links provided below to view the routine. I encourage athletes to take it easy on the first couple of runs (i.e. slow movements), as this is very tough on the core muscles. However, it is well worth it in terms of developing stability in the core. Use the links provided to see the routine.

Coach B.

Part one:

Part two: