College Opportunities – Booker T. Washington Senior Iain Recruited To Row For Cornell University

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Booker T. Washington Senior Iain joined TYRA four years ago. The following are his thoughts on his journey while involved in the sport of rowing with TYRA. Iain has made the most of his involvement with the club and now has the opportunity to attend Cornell University this Fall and participate in Ivy League level competition at the pinnacle of collegiate competition. The essence of rowing is developing the ability to work hard every day. Iain’s story is a testament to the opportunities that can occur for a high school rower who is prepared to work hard toward a long-term goal. The student-athletes at TYRA understand the value of teamwork, perseverance, and grit because of the culture and environment inherent in the club.

Iain’s Story

I had competed competitively in football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, and swimming when Coach B introduced me to rowing in 8th grade. Coach B had a passion for the sport that was contagious. I joined TYRA and befriended students who shared my rigorous academic standards and were more than willing to endure grueling workouts. Within a year, we were winning regional medals and competing at Head of the Charles. It was an amazing feat when I think of it – Coach B and Micah accompanying eighteen Tulsa high schoolers to compete in the most prestigious rowing event in the country when we didn’t even have water in the Arkansas River!

TYRA Mens Youth Eight Racing in Boston at the Head of the Charles.
TYRA Mens Youth Eight Racing in Boston at the Head of the Charles.
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association - Iain K on his way to 3rd in the open junior mens category at SWEAT
Iain on his way to placing 3rd at the SWEAT indoor rowing regional championship.

While in Boston, I realized where this sport could take me. I trained even harder and eventually broke the TYRA record in the 2K. My time caught the attention of coaches at the most selective schools and I was recruited to join Cornell’s Heavyweight Crew.

I am convinced it is because of rowing that I will be attending an Ivy League university. In this time of ridiculously competitive college admissions, rowing truly set me apart.

Thanks to TYRA, this transformational sport is available to middle school and high schoolers in the Tulsa area. Any 9th grader considering rowing at the collegiate level should start now. Even if you decide not to row in college, you will get in the best physical shape, join an incredible community, and enjoy a sport for life! Coach B, Micah, Coach Simmons, Coach Katie, and Coach Tamara, thank you! I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today without you!

Are you ready to start your journey?