College Opportunities: Andrew Pate – U.S. Marine Corps Officer

Andrew pictured second from left.

We asked our alumni to answer three questions about their experience with TYRA. Rowing in college might not be for everyone, however, for some student-athletes, it’s the perfect ticket to continue a life-long passion for the sport and get a great education. We have had many student athletes graduate the program and attend universities and colleges such as MIT, Boston University, Yale, Gonzaga, The University of Tulsa, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, The University of Central Oklahoma, University of Virginia, Southern Methodist University, The University of Kansas and Washington University to name a few.

Please describe any college opportunities that have occurred because of your time rowing with TYRA.

I rowed with TYRA for three years, two of them in varsity boat, and the last one as team captain.  My success with TYRA allowed me to continue to pursue rowing in college at Boston University.  I was immediately introduced to a number of like-minded and motivated individuals who were all excited to row for BU and it gave me a strong friend group; something not so easily attained as a freshman in college.  I participated in two regattas as well as got to row on a daily basis with two Olympians, something that was more than a little intimidating but ultimately a great experience.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about trying the sport of rowing for the first time?

I joined TYRA because I want to get in shape and find an activity I enjoyed.  If you think you’re too uncoordinated, out of shape, or just shy of meeting new people, I promise you Tulsa rowing can change of all of that.  You will understand teamwork better than any of your peers playing basketball or football.  On the surface, there is no greater feeling in the world than feeling the boat surge as you and seven friends pull together in unison to overtake the boat next to you as you glide across the finish line.  Amazing.

What is the most important thing you learned while you were involved with TYRA?

The most important thing I learned from TYRA was the ability to lead my peers and develop good, healthy workout habits, both of which have benefited me in my chosen profession as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer.

TYRA is offering summer camps in the month of June for beginners to the sport. For more information on the upcoming camps, please click on the graphic below.

Tulsa Youth Rowing Association Summer Camps
Tulsa Youth Rowing Association Summer Camps