2022 TYRA Fall Competitive Team Information

The following is important information about the 2022 Fall Competitive Team. If you have any questions, please contact TYRA Head Coach Valentino Angelini at Valentinoanglelini18@okrowing.com. We look forward to a fun and productive season!

Last Date to register: Monday, August 29th, 2022

• Monday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Tuesday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Friday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Saturday 8am-10:00am*

• Monday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Tuesday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Friday 5:00pm-7:00pm
• Saturday 8am-10:00am*

*Times are tentative.  Will be coordinating with the new TU Head Coach.


  • Aug 1- Optional practice officially starts
  • Aug 8- One-week free basic training officially starts
  • Aug 15- Fall season officially starts.
  • Oct 1-2- UCO Head of the Oklahoma
  • Oct 21-23- Head of the Charles**
  • Oct 29-30- Head of the Colorado
  • Nov 5- Head of the Hooch**
  • Nov 6- Waco Rowing Regatta**
  • Nov 6- Wichita Frostbite**

Dec 15- Last day of the fall season.

**Regattas are tentative and have not been decided on yet.  Updates on these regattas will be communicated in the coming weeks.**

TYRA participates in various community service events throughout the calendar year. At least one practice each season will be fully dedicated to serving our community. Volunteers will be required to wear our official TYRA T-shirt unless otherwise notified. In most cases, family and friends are also welcome to volunteer. If you know of an organization that may need volunteers, please notify our president at President@okrowing.org

Communication will be exclusively email-based with both athletes and parents.  Email groups will serve as the Coaching Staff’s way of communicating dates, practice schedule changes, details about practice, etc.  Communication medium will change ONLY FOR REGATTAS.  TeamApp will be used in regatta settings to push info out instantaneously. 

PROGRAM COST (subject to change and review upon finalized budget)
• TYRA FEES for the 2021 Spring Competitive Season: $1,750 (Parents will be responsible for hotel rooms if athlete stays with them)
• US Rowing Basic Membership + Regatta Package add-on: $35 (updated every 12mo)

• Covers all operational fees associated with TYRA
• One TYRA official team T-shirt (required for travel, regattas, and volunteering)
• Entry fees and meals for each regatta.

• Required Varsity Uniform: Track pants, splash jacket, uni, visor.
• Transportation to and from regattas if not traveling with the team due to COVID concerns (athletes are not allowed to drive themselves)
• Optional Uniform articles from our online uniform store (hats, spandex, vests, etc.)
• Optional higher tier USRowing Membership
• Optional regattas for an additional cost 

Available for competitive athletes. Additional information and application forms are available for download on the registration page under “Downloadable Forms.” Financial assistance is awarded discretionally and anonymously determined by the TYRA Board of Directors. If granted financial assistance, athletes are required to remain in good standing in accordance with our Handbook and Athlete Code of Conduct.

TYRA strongly advises reviewing the policies set forth in the Handbook and Code of Conduct – as the registration wording does not fully cover every aspect. All athletes and parents will be expected to be familiar with (and agree to) the policies and rules set forth in these materials. Conduct of athletes and parents, attendance policy, uniform policy, and drug testing policy (for both athletes and coaches) are set forth in these materials.

If you have any questions about Registration, Please contact Tino Angelini (Head Coach) at valentinoanglelini18@okrowing.com. For Finances, please contact Adam Kupetsky (TYRA Treasurer) at treasurer@okrowing.org. For priority attention, please use “Fall Registration Question” in the subject line. Include your Athlete’s name and the program for which you are registering, along with your detailed question.


A MANDATORY Parent and Athlete Meeting will be required for all athletes wanting to join our Competitive Program. Our handbook, policies, and expectations for the fall season will be discussed.

Saturday, August 20
TRC Boathouse
715 W. 21st St., Tulsa

Our competitive program is geared towards 9th through 12th graders. The program is represented by four separate crews that make up one competitive team: Novice Girls, Novice Boys, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys. A novice rower is an athlete in their first year of rowing, and all subsequent years are classified as varsity athletes. Novices may race up in discipline, but varsity may never race down in discipline.

Prerequisite for all first-time TYRA competitive athletes (only one required):
• Summer Camp (offered during the months of June or July)
• Learn to Row (offered at the beginning of each fall and spring season)
• A Winter Conditioning Season (mid-November through the end of the year)
• A gROWth Season (10wk program offered each fall and spring)
• Prior experience with another rowing program
In addition to one of the above prerequisites, the following documents are required by ALL incoming competitive athletes:
• Completion of our online registration
• Current USRowing Basic Membership + Regatta Package add-on ($35)
• A 2022 USRowing Waiver (virtually signed through the USRowing membership portal)
• TYRA Certificate of Swimming Ability (completed once throughout TYRA racing career)
• Annual Physical Exam
Instructions on how to complete said documents can be found under the “downloadable forms” tab at the top of this registration portal.

These individuals are smaller athletes (110/120 pounds female/male) who are of utmost importance on our team. They not only control the speed, rate, and steering of a racing shell, but they also ensure the safety of those in their boats. Coxswains have to be familiar with drills and be able to run them on their own accord. Coxswains are required to assist the coaching staff in recording data, technique improvements, overseeing calisthenics, and ensuring all athletes know how to properly set up their monitor for each workout.

Directly correlates with an athlete’s skill level. Both varsity and novice athletes will have the following expectations or may not be allowed to participate:
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• 32oz water bottle (no sharing)
• Wristwatch

• Arrive, be dressed, and be ready at LEAST 15 minutes prior to the start of practice. Those who are late will not be boated, dismissed from practice, accrue an unexcused absence, or assigned an on-your-own workout that will need to be completed prior to the start of the next practice. Please notify your coach ASAP if you will be late.
• Notification of Absences at least two weeks in advance. Reporting procedures can be found in our Handbook under the downloadable forms tab.

Taken and expected at every practice. Attendance is of the utmost importance with a competitive team. Our full attendance policy can be viewed in our Handbook under the downloadable forms tab. You will be required to sign off on this policy at registration.

Practices are held Monday through Saturday with Sunday off. Participation is mandatory at every practice, race, and volunteer outreach. Please try to schedule ACT/SAT testing and family vacations around practice and/or race days.