TYRA Partners With Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation To Provide Community Outreach and Rowing STEM Programming

TYRA Schusterman Partnership

This week, the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association announced a partnership with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation to help support outreach efforts and STEM programming in after school rowing programs in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. 

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation has generously provided a $10,000 grant to help TYRA continue to build it’s gROW Tulsa STEM outreach program. The gROW Tulsa program is a community-wide initiative to help provide opportunities in the sport of rowing to a more diverse demographic of students.

“The Schustermans and I are excited to support the amazing gROW Tulsa program,” said Program Assistant Josh Walton, “Neil Bergenroth and his team will bring rowing and STEM education to many Tulsa youth that may not have enjoyed this opportunity. This past year has been full of challenges, and we anticipate gROW Tulsa to be a major boost for our students. Keep up the great work!”

With the funds provided, TYRA hopes to expand the number of rowing machines available to program participants in RowingSTEM programs. In addition, the funds will be used to provide support for other outreach efforts such as Erg Ed, a program that provides machines and rowing programming for Tulsa Public School students during physical education classes. TYRA is working hard to train TPS faculty sponsors that will administer and run gROW Tulsa STEM programs in their respective schools. Therefore, the funds will also allow for a higher level of sustainability and service in the community. 

“We are excited and grateful to receive the support of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. We appreciate their willingness to help share and build our vision for community rowing and STEM education development”, said TYRA outreach director Neil Bergenroth. 

“The past six months has been a challenging time for rowing clubs across the nation because of the COVID outbreak. However, we have been working hard to ensure our programs are successful when we are able to return to in person programming at our local schools,” said Bergenroth.

For more information on the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association or to inquire about a partnership with the club, please visit https://www.okrowing.org or contact outreach director Neil Bergenroth at neil@okrowing.org.