Tulsa Youth Rowing Association gROWth Program Now Enrolling!

Tulsa Youth Program

Our Recreational Program Provides The Perfect Environment To Try The Sport and Learn The Fundamentals of Rowing

What You Will You Gain?

  • Learn who you are and develop a passion for a sport that provides college opportunities.
  • Participate in the sport at an affordable level.
  • Grow stronger and fitter.
  • Discover if you enjoy rowing at a low level of time commitment.
  • Make more friends.
  • Grow in confidence and learn the skills for a lifelong sport.
  • Safer than soccer, basketball and football.
  • Learn the value of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Realize your athletic potential in a non hand-eye coordination sport.
  • Manage the stress of school.

Tulsa Youth Programs

What Do You Learn?

We will teach fundamentals such as safety, basic technique, and boat handling skills while developing strength, flexibility, and overall conditioning.

When Does It Take Place?

Land based training takes place on Thursday at the University of Tulsa rowing tank (Tulsa campus) from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. On-the-water training takes place on Saturdays at the University of Tulsa’s boathouse in Catoosa from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.

The cost of the program is $400 and will run from Thursday, March 1st to Wednesday, May 2nd.

gROWth participants are also invited to participate in an optional third practice every Wednesday at Sandusky Avenue Christian Church from 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm. The cost for this is an additional $50 for a total of $450.

“Students who join our recreational gROWth program will learn the fundamentals of rowing. Also, they will also build character and confidence as they experience what it takes to participate in the ultimate team sport,” said TYRA Head Coach Tamara Clayton.

Meet The Head gROWth Coach!

Aaron Rogers – gROWth program – Head Coach

Coach Aaron Jordan started rowing in sophomore year of High School at the Rocket City Rowing Club in Huntsville, AL in 2000. Following graduation for high school he rowed for two years in college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – Chattanooga, TN. Coach Jordan was originally from Huntsville, AL. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with an M.S. in High Education and now holds a Ed.D in Higher Education from the University of Memphis. Currently, Coach Jordan works for Tulsa Public Schools. He works hard to establish a fun, education and inviting atmosphere to the TYRA gROWth program. Coach Jordan comes from a long line of twins, he is a twin and his brother and sister are also twins. In addition, her has multiple sets of aunts and uncles who are also twins. He loves to hike in Oklahoma’s state parks and is obsessed with college football. Coach Jordan also has his own flock of backyard chickens!

What Is Rowing?

Rowing requires hard work, discipline, dedication, and teamwork. These are qualities that we seek to impart upon our kids. Over the years, we have succeeded in teaching youth athletes the merits of unrelenting, exhausting work in a team environment, all while instilling commitment, sacrifice, selflessness, and courage.

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