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Join The Tulsa Youth Rowing Association This Fall

Tulsa Youth Rowing Association Offering a Rowing Training For The 2017-2018 Season from August 21st to September 1st

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The Tulsa Youth Rowing Association (“TYRA”) is looking for students in 8th through 12th grades to join their competitive rowing program. To this end, TYRA is offering Basic Training for beginning rowers from August 21st to September 1st from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm (Monday through Friday). No prior experience is required.  Students in 7th grade are also invited to attend but may not join the competitive program until 8th grade. (A separate, 9-week recreational program is available to 7th-grade students after basic training). Tulsa Rowing provides a great opportunity for the youth of this community to get engaged with a sport that involves teamwork, commitment, and perseverance.

TYRA 2017 – Fall Basic Training Detailed Schedule

There is a $150 registration fee for the two weeks of instruction, and participants are under no obligation to join the program at the end of the two weeks. The fee is applied to dues for the Fall competitive season if a participant joins the club after basic training. Participants in basic training will learn rowing technique, boat handling and safety aspects to the sport. Interested participants can register for the training online at or email Head Coach Tamara Clayton for more information at

What Is Rowing?

Tulsa Rowing requires hard work, discipline, dedication, and teamwork — qualities most of us, as parents, seek to impart upon our kids.  Over the years, TYRA has succeeded in teaching youth athletes the merits of unrelenting, exhausting work in a team environment, all while instilling commitment, sacrifice, selflessness, and courage.

Earn A College Scholarship With Tulsa Rowing!

This past spring and summer over 50 student athletes tried the sport for the first time. Many will join the competitive team in the fall, and others will remain in the recreational program. The competitive team regularly competes on the regional and sometimes national level and our athletes are also successful in gaining college scholarships at universities all over the U.S.

For online sign-up to the training please visit the club’s website at or contact Head Coach Tamara Clayton at

<<< If you sign up for our newsletter you will receive a discount code worth 10% off basic training registration. 

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